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I feel for your hand

A child gripping against a crowd

Fearful, so small, always in sight,

Never far.

I'm falling.

If I could reach your hand once more

All would be well

All would be good.

I reach out into the night

Listening for your voice

I am silent, but still crying,

To hear your voice again.


Geoff Felix


Terri Rogers

This is my tribute to Terri Rogers - Ventriloquist, Magical Inventor and Friend.


A jewel flashes. Gilt glows,
The little man stands stiff against the plush
guarded by his mistress. They stand together
and challenge. . .

How long was the journey
to stand there?
One - yet two?

Did you struggle?
What courage
did it take?
What needs had you?

And the theatre, this old theatre
hungry with memories, soaks it up.

How long was the journey?
Is it a step from the wings that you take
- Or a lifetime?

G.F (31st May 1999)

To see Terri Rogers performing click here

Joe Beeby

In these words, written for the May Fayre church service,
I have tried to reflect the key themes of Joe's life.

1921 - 2002

He slipped away,
left nothing much, a battered case
Some dolls, a frame to
Hide an unseen man, who kept a flame alive

Laughter spurred him on, and memories

If I could learn from you its this:
To leave the world a better place is Godly.
The chimes of heaven's bells are children laughing.
You made it so.

Give thanks for spirits lifted high,
Recall the memories one by one,
Of Punch and childhood long gone by,
Rejoice that now your work is done.

G.F (25th April 2003)

George Speaight

George was a great historian and enthusiast for Punch and the Toy theatre. He caused the plaque celebrating Punch's tercentenary to be placed in Covent Garden in 1962

George Speaight

The Invisible Army

Puppet GVS:



Remember me? I've left you now,

You young ones do not know.

I'm George, I've gone beyond the grave,

And now I'm in a show.


I've joined an army, in a way,

Not soldiers bold and strong.

But showmen like Piccini,

And friends all long and gone.


So punchmen, when it's raining,

And the wind begins to blow,

And there's no one there to watch you,

And you'd really rather go,


Remember this, remember:

Our gift to you today.

We're watching, yes we're watching,
The stage is yours: so play!

G.F (2006)

The Soldier


I heard it said by men grown old,

Below a sky that's grey with cold,

A soldier stands amid the snow,

And guards a gate where poppies grow.


They march, and march, and march again,

In silent witness, boys and men,

The souls are being counted past,

And go from Hell to peace at last.


The soldier looks beyond the line,

To find an end but bides his time,

And stands he still 'til he can go,

And leave his post amid the snow.


A thousand years the soldier stands,

He guards the gate in many lands,

Remember this, you men of wrong,

They're marching, marching, marching, on

G.F (8th November 2009)