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Punch and Judy


I present the traditional Punch and Judy show with all the well-known elements such as Punch, Judy, Baby, Crocodile, Clown and sausages so beloved by children.


I do what I regard as the true show with its slapstick humour and the proper authentic voice for punch.


Unfortunately I am currently unable to perform any shows due to ill health but hope to return to performing as I recover. Many thanks to those of you who have shown much appreciated support during this time.


To see a clip of the show click here

The performance lasts about 25 minutes, and is fast moving with wooden hand carved figures. I work mainly in the Greater London area but I can travel further if needed. The target age for the audience is 6 although I have on many occasions played to adults and children of other ages. It is a good idea for children under 5 to be with their carers.


I have performed at many puppet festivals within the UK and abroad. My interest in the history of the show is reflected in my bookings for schools and museums.


Please allow 8 feet headroom if indoors.


You can telephone me on: 0208 903 3869


To make a booking or email me at:


Punch and Judy is part of our heritage and I am proud to be part of that tradition.


“If I had known it was that good I would have invited my mother.”
- Graeme Messer (Theatre director)

Count Dracula and the Organic Bunny of Doom



Roger the Bunny has a problem: he’s hungry and needs work fast. Should he enter a talent competition or go on a task set by a passing which? And what is Count Dracula plotting in his laboratory?

“Count Dracula and the Organic Bunny of Doom” is a puppet show for 4-10 year olds involving a witch, a vampire, a ghost and a hapless bunny who can’t seem to hold down a job.

The show has some audience participation and lasts 25-30 minutes. It had its premiere on the 31st October 2011 at the Millennium Centre, Romford. As a Halloween show it is performed only during late October and early November.

Technical requirements: This is an indoor show. The theatre stands 7’9” and is 4’6” wide. Power is required for a 3 pin household plug for the lights. Ideally there should be some form of blackout to generate the correct atmosphere. Geoff will provide sound and lights but not power. 6’ clearance is required between the front of the theatre and the first row of the audience.